3-in-1 Keychain Lighter USB

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3-in-1 Keychain Lighter USB

Multi-tasking and versatile tools are always welcome in our busy and packed lives. Who would not want a lightweight device that can do more than one function? The 3-in-1 Keychain Lighter is one of those devices. Buy one for yourself, or give it as a gift for a friend.

It is a multi-functional keychain that you can take with you anywhere.

Talk about multi-tasking. This amazing keychain does not only hold your keys, but it is also a lighter, and a mini LED flashlight which you can use in emergencies.

It is flameless and safe for use indoors.

The lighter works by using an electric arc, so no flame is generated. It is safe for use indoors, and outdoors, it will not be affected by the wind. Since it does not use any lighter fluid, you can safely bring it with you aboard planes.

It is rechargeable and very safe to use.

The 3-in-1 keychain lighter USB does not need any gas or fluid. Just charge it through its USB connector, and you can use this lighter. The USB 2.0 connector is compatible with most devices. You can charge this lighter through your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, and even in your car. Save cost from buying lighter fluid with this chargeable lighter keychain. After fully charging this lighter for two hours, you can use it up to 200 times before you need to recharge it again.

It looks sleek and elegant, making it the perfect gift.

No lighter ever looked as sleek and elegant as this 3-in-1 Keychain Lighter. It is made with multi-layer plating, polished with excellent luster. It is gorgeous, attractive, and comes in a beautiful gift box. It comes in luxurious gold and onyx black colors.

Give it as a gift to your spouse, your friend, a colleague, or a business partner. Its versatility and functionality will surely be appreciated by the person at the receiving end. Order today!



  • It is a keychain, lighter, and mini LED flashlight in one.
  • It does not use lighter fluid, making it safe to use anywhere.
  • Use it up to 200 times before you recharge it again.
  • Its beauty and elegance make it an excellent gift.
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