Anti-Theft Backpack

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Anti-Theft Backpack

Pickpockets are present in every city, worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of incidents of theft occur every day. Both locals and tourists can become victims of these criminals. We can take all the precautions we can, but sometimes these people can become desperate and ruthless, to the point of slashing a bag to get your valuable belongings.

Backpacks are the common targets of pickpockets and it is easy to see why. It is behind you, away from your eyes. Backpacks however, offer much to users that they are still widely used: more space, comfortable to use, equal distribution of weight, and of course, you get to have your hands free.

Introducing a backpack that will actually thwart away pickpockets. It still offers the same comfort, the same space, but it also offers protection against theft.

Lots of hidden zippers and pockets

The zipper of the Anti-Theft Backpack is hidden from plain sight, making it difficult for pickpockets to open your bag. Most pickpockets want to avoid confrontation, so they will likely choose victims whose bags can be easily and quietly opened.

Slash and cut proof, and waterproof

There are pickpockets who can become desperate enough to try to open a bag with a knife. Good news is, the Anti-Theft Backpack is cut-proof. Stroll around in peace without worrying that your bag will end up slashed by pickpockets and thieves.

Backpacks are often used as laptop bags, and it is where we also store our other gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones. Keep your belongings protected from downpours with the Anti-Theft Backpack.

Comes with an integrated USB charging port

Charge your devices through the USB charging port. The USB charging port allows you easy access to your portable power bank, so you can charge up your smart phones even when on the move.

Travel safely and in style with the Anti-Theft Backpack. Buy today!


  • It is stylish, and cut-proof.
  • It has hidden zippers and pockets.
  • It is water-proof.
  • It allows easy charging of your gadgets and devices.





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