GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch

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GPS Kid Tracker Smart Wristwatch

Keeping tabs on where your kids are can be very difficult. Not knowing where they are can be a nightmare. You may want to always keep them under your careful watch, which would only be possible if you keep them at home all day long.

The GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch will let you do just that! It is a multi functional watch that allows you to track your kids’ whereabouts, while you work or do your errands.

Simply download the partner app where you can sync your child’s smart wristwatch. Through the app, you can track the location of your child, send reminders or alerts, or even call them in their smart wristwatch.

It has built in GPS and LBS functions.

The Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch allows parents to monitor their children’s location, from work, home, or even on a business trip. All you need to do is sync your child’s watch to an application in your smartphone.

It lets you know when your child leaves your preset area.

You can set specific areas where your child is allowed or where you know he should be on that day. If it is a school day, you can set the preset area to his school’s location. Should your child leave school, the application will alert you. It is the perfect weapon against child abduction, or playing hooky.

It is a phone and watch in one device.

What makes this Smart Wristwatch for kids great is that it features two-way communication. You can call your child through his smart watch, and your child can also call you back. It is the perfect communication solution if your kid goes to a school with strict regulations on children having cellular phones.

It has an SOS feature.

The Smart Wristwatch features a one-key SOS call. If the child holds the SOS button for three seconds, it will automatically call the parents. The watch has a sensitive microphone that will let the parents pick up sounds from the child’s surroundings.

It is also a fitness tracker device.

The Smart Wristwatch tracks the number of steps taken by your child while wearing the watch. It can store up to three months’ worth of steps data.

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  • Monitor your children’s location, wherever you are.
  • It is a watch, tracker, phone, and step tracker device in one cute wristwatch.
  • It has a one-key SOS feature.
  • Get alerts when your child is not where he is supposed to be.
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