The Nano Cinema

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The Nano Cinema

Do you enjoy watching your favorite movies on the go? Today’s technology has made it so much easier to enjoy a good movie wherever you are. Waiting for your flight will never be boring, if you can watch your favorite series or movie from your smartphone.

The prevalence of online streaming services has helped keep many of us entertained. Your favorite shows are all at the tips of our fingertips.

The enjoyment of your movie watching will now be taken a notch higher. Introducing, the revolutionary Nano Cinema. Make your smartphone the ultimate entertainment system on the go with this wonderful technology.

It magnifies your phone screen two to four times.

The Nano Cinema’s Phone Screen Amplifier amps up your movie enjoyment by magnifying the screen of your smartphone, up to four times. Enjoy streaming your favorite HD movies with a bigger screen, even when you are on the road.

It relieves eye discomfort and fatigue.

The relatively smaller screen and the kaleidoscope of colors from your HD movies can cause visual and eye fatigue. Focusing on a small screen for a long time can be tiring and unhealthy for your eyes. Keep optical discomfort at bay with the Nano Cinema’s phone screen amplifier.

It is also a phone holder and stand.

Set your phone on the Nano Cinema’s Stereoscopic Lazy Phone Holder, and watch your favorite movies comfortably. Set it on a table and your hands are now free to eat your lunch or do whatever you need to do. The great thing is, you can share and now watch your favorite movies with your friends and companions.

It is compatible with most smartphone brands and models.

You can use the Nano Cinema with an iPhone, a Samsung, and any other Android smartphones. It fits smartphones and tablets that are over three inches.


  • It magnifies your phone screen two to four times.
  • It relieves eye discomfort and fatigue.
  • It is also a phone holder and stand in one.
  • It is compatible with most smart phone brands and models
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